Arts Council Collection


ZOO LOGIC by Mark Leckey

9 September 2016 - 26 February 2017
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

The Walker Art Gallery presents two installations by Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey. The installations represent the artist’s long-standing interest in moving image and broadcast technology, and specifically in Felix the Cat.

A Felix doll on a gramophone turntable was the first picture transmitted on TV in America in 1928. Visitors are invited to see Birkenhead-born Leckey’s Inflatable Felix, a huge, blow-up version of the cartoon cat.

The gallery will also display 'FEELINTHECAT', a 70th anniversary Arts Council Collection commission. This immersive installation consists of a large dome, shaped to resemble Felix’s head. Inside the dome, two screens play a film which shows Mark Leckey transforming into Felix.

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