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Keith Piper, Unearthing The Banker's Bones (2016)

Unearthing the Bankers Bones

The New Art Exchange
1 April – 11 June 2017

Unearthing The Banker's Bones comprises new and existing digital installation and painting works, and addresses the impact of globalisation. Collectively the selected artworks continue to explore the socio-political questions that have defined Piper's practice since his time with the BLK Art Group.

Lending its title to the exhibition, the centrepiece of the show is a synchronised high definition three-screen film installation which depicts a narrative of economic and social collapse. Unearthing the Banker's Bones (2016) weaves together references from a range of classic novels, films and texts, including apocalyptic works by Octavia Butler and Mary Shelley. The piece employs a science fiction device which invites viewers to imagine the excavation and dissection of modern life from a future point in time.

Other highlights in the show include a restaging of Robot Bodies, Piper's 2001 seminal interactive digital work in which the robot, android and cyborg are examined as metaphorical carriers of contemporary anxieties around racial difference. Located in our Mezzanine Gallery, visitors are invited to step into the installation and interrogate three constantly morphing bodies by way of a trackball interface; clicking through layers of information and revealing fragments from key science fiction films and texts.


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