Paint the Town in Sound

21 December 2020 - 6 July 2021

This is now an online exhibition which can be viewed here.

An Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition.

Paint the Town in Sound explores the timeless relationship between art and music. The exhibition examines the direct links forged between musicians and artists taking Sunderland based band Field Music’s own collaborations as a starting point to explore wider trends.

Featuring artwork by artists including Helen Cammock, Jeremy Deller, Anthea Hamilton, Evan Ifekoya and Susan PhilipszPaint the Town in Sound questions how we engage in acts of self-portraiture through music, be this through songwriting, use of visual art or associations to music subcultures. The artworks in the exhibition offer a fascinating insight into the musical heritage of the region providing a route to examine our own cultural identity and its relationship to class, politics and place.

Artists included in the exhibition: Simeon Barclay, Peter Blake, The Bunker, Helen Cammock, Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Anthea Hamilton, Iain Hetherington, Graeme Hopper, Evan Ifekoya, Bob Jardine, Steve Johnson, Laura Lancaster, Mark Leckey, Andy Martin, Pauline Murray, Vinca Petersen, Susan Phillipsz, Narbi Price, Splash Addict (Susie Green and Simon Bayliss) and Bob and Roberta Smith.

Sunderland Culture's exhibition webpage.

Venue: Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens



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