Palace of Culture

6 June 2020 - 27 June 2020


An Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition

Designed and programmed in collaboration with pupils from Newlyn School, Newlyn Art Gallery will be transformed into a Palace of Culture, an establishment of recreational activity inspired by Eastern European clubhouses for workers. Hosted by a different artist/cultural secretary each week, the Palace will be an inspirational setting for three weeks of intense, art-based activity, with workshops, performance and other stimulating pursuits focussing on particular art skills.

Pupils from Newlyn School began their collaboration with Newlyn Art Gallery by selecting a colour for the Palace, informing the palette of a fourth artist commissioned to transform the gallery space. The children then selected ten works from the Arts Council Collection to be a key visual element of the Palace. Until the Palace opens its doors, the works are on display at Newlyn School and will return there when the Palace closes. Nine of the works chosen from the Arts Council Collection are at Newlyn School. See Newlyn Art Gallery's blog for more details.

The Kestrel by David Woodford
Christmas Tree by Willian Gear
Bathing by Stass Paraskos
Oving Footpath by Paul Millichip
The Shore by Norman Adams
People and Water by Clive Hodgson

Cock by Bernard Meadows
Head with Blue Rabbit by Alan Grimwood
Cat by Robert E Clatworthy

The tenth work chosen by the pupils, Hyde Park by Julyan Trevelyan, will only be part of Palace of Culture.

Newlyn Art Gallery's Exhibition Page.

Venue: Newlyn Art Gallery



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