Arts Council Collection


Image Hire

The Arts Council Collection runs an image library and charges a small fee for the loan and reproduction of images. Permission to reproduce images must be applied for.
We require the following information:
  • The project or publication you require the license for
  • The printed language(s)
  • The number of countries the project will be distributed or broadcast in
  • The estimated print run or number of transmissions you require rights for
  • The size of the reproduction, e.g. front cover, half-page,  still for broadcast
  • Any website use
  • Any marketing use
  • Any press use
If you would like to reproduce images from the Arts Council Collection please complete the image use form and the terms and conditions form below and send them to
Academic projects may receive discounts depending on the individual project.
Copyright permission must be obtained from all artists or estates before images are reproduced.  A number of our works are still in copyright, as an artwork remains the intellectual property of the artist or the artist’s estate for 70 years after their death. In these cases permission to use the artwork must be obtained from the copyright owner – for which an additional fee may be charged.
It is the client’s responsibility to obtain permission before a reproduction of any such work or content is made. If permission is not obtained you will be infringing copyright.
Permission to reproduce any of the images by artists represented by DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society), the Bridgeman Art Library and other rights holders must be obtained from them directly before any copies are made and may incur an additional fee.